Ответ на задание по аудированию E947B6 (ФИПИ)

Утверждения [Источник: ФИПИ]:

  1. Some countries offer good career opportunities for beginning teachers.
  2. Don’t hesitate to write to the employer if you need the job.
  3. Teaching as a way to change your life.
  4. Relatives are happy when you decide not to teach abroad.
  5. Teaching abroad doesn’t seem nice to some people.
  6. My relative is a role model for me in terms of working abroad.
  7. I’m going to spend my gap year teaching English abroad.

Данные о задании

Уровень сложности

Ответ (кратко):

3 4 1 6 2 5

Ответ с пояснениями:

Говорящий Утверждение Объяснение
A 3 If you want to get new cultural and social experiences, the easiest, the fastest and the safest way is to go to a foreign country to teach English.
B 4
  1. I was thinking about spending my gap year teaching English abroad…
  2. …I gave up on the idea completely.
  3. My parents are happy about that.
C 1 Taiwan seems a perfect choice as everything is included for an inexperienced teacher…
D 6
  1. My uncle
  2. He has taught and presented in Korea, Canada, France, and Ukraine.
  3. …the only thing I can think about is following in his footsteps.
E 2
  1. He is looking for new language teachers and I’m planning to send my CV.
  2. His e-mail address was included in the interview…
  3. I just hope… he’ll choose me as his employee.
F 5
  1. I’d better stay in the US…
  2. I’m not sure I can solve the problems connected with moving to another country.



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