Ответ на задание по аудированию № 1FA539 (ФИПИ)

Утверждения [n-fipi]:

[n-a]. Jane has never visited the new mall on Green Street.
[n-b]. The conversation takes place in autumn.
[n-c]. Jane has to pay for her trip to Spain.
[n-d]. Jane’s sister Diana has been to Spain before.
[n-e]. Jane is going to do nothing while in Spain.
[n-f]. Jane often publishes photos on social media.
[n-g]. Jane and Mark are going to have lunch together.


Данные о задании

[n-question task_id=2]

Ответ (кратко):

[n-a] [n-b] [n-c] [n-d] [n-e] [n-f] [n-g]
1 2 2 3 2 3 1

Ответ с пояснениями:

Утверждение Ответ Объяснение
[n-a] 1 Oh, I haven’t been there yet, have you?
No, I haven’t.
[n-b] 2 Who needs new summer clothes in August, Jane?
[n-c] 2 This trip to Spain is her present for me.
[n-d] 3
[n-e] 2 I’d really want to see all the sights of this amazing country. I want to go to all the major museums too.
[n-f] 3
[n-g] 1 We may have lunch there as well.
That’s great. I’ll be starving after shopping.
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