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Утверждения [Источник: ФИПИ]:

  1. You can play tennis your entire life.
  2. Tennis is a pleasure to watch.
  3. Tennis is all about competition.
  4. Tennis isn’t a violent sport.
  5. Tennis is an inexpensive kind of sport.
  6. Tennis is an aggressive male sport.
  7. Many nations have good tennis players.

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Ответ (кратко):

2 4 7 1 3 5

Ответ с пояснениями:

Говорящий Утверждение Объяснение
A 2 I don’t play tennis but I love watching it.
top level tennis players are amazing to watch.
B 4 It’s generally very peaceful game and isn’t violent…
C 7 But with tennis, successful players are not concentrated in any one part of the world map. People from all continents and most major nations are successful in tennis….
D 1 …you can play it at almost any age from four to ninety-four, as long as you are mobile.
E 3 To me it is probably one of the most competitive sports…
Tennis is a battle of a willpower and minds, which demands a hard level of concentration. It’s either you win or you lose.
F 5 I’m thinking of taking it up mainly because of its relatively low costs. I mean, you only need to buy a pair of shoes, a racket, and some balls and then pay to use a court…
…the costs of tennis are rather low.


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