Ответ на задание по аудированию D2F06A (ФИПИ)

Утверждения [Источник: ФИПИ]:

  1. It’s another time to spend money.
  2. Valentines make a big business.
  3. Its traditions tend to fade.
  4. It’s a traditional Valentine’s Day present and no one should spare money for it.
  5. Even journalists need information about Valentine’s Day.
  6. Writing Valentines has a very long history.
  7. There’s always something against the Day.

Данные о задании

Уровень сложности

Ответ (кратко):

1 4 6 2 7 5

Ответ с пояснениями:

Говорящий Утверждение Объяснение
A 1
  1. …the average American spends more than $100 on Valentine’s Day!
  2. ...men spend almost twice as much on Valentine’s Day as women do.
B 4 …on Valentine’s day no one saves money on flowers…
C 6  
  1. I was surprised to learn that Valentine cards have a very long history…
  2. …dates back to him, to the year of 1415
  3. …some historians trace the roots of the holiday back to the Roman times and their pagan celebrations or early medieval times.


D 2 …one billion Valentine cards are sent each year worldwide, making it the second largest card sending holiday…
E 7  

  1. …India has spoken out against Valentine’s day…
  2. …there’re people not in favor of this holiday.
  3. The Catholic Church, for instance, struck St. Valentine’s Day from its official calendar in 1969.


F 5 The university of Maryland has a team of academic experts educating the media about Valentine’s day…

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