Ответ на задание по аудированию 909E3B (ФИПИ)


Утверждения [n-fipi]:

[n-a]. Jack and Mary live in London.

[n-b]. Mary was an exchange student in Russia.

[n-c]. Some of Mary’s friends have visited Russia as well.

[n-d]. Russian people turned out to be rather outgoing.

[n-e]. Mary wasn’t able to see any Russian cities.

[n-f]. Mary knew some Russian before the trip.

[n-g]. Anna is studying English at university.

Данные о задании

[n-question task_id=2]

Ответ (кратко):

[n-a] [n-b] [n-c] [n-d] [n-e] [n-f] [n-g]
2 1 3 1 2 1 3

Ответ с пояснениями:

Утверждение Ответ Объяснение
[n-a] 2 Anna: I arrived in London a week ago and stayed there at my aunt’s place and then took a train to Birmingham.

Jack: Not many people here in Birmingham can boast of having visited Russia.

Вообще-то говоря, не сказано, где они живет. Но сейчас они в Бирмингеме. Вряд ли они живут в Лондоне. Поэтому все же ставим 2.

[n-b] 1

Jack: So, how was your exchange program? Which country did you go to?

Mary: Oh, Jack, I stayed in Russia for a year and I absolutely loved it!

[n-c] 3
[n-d] 1

…as you get to know them better, you understand that they are very friendly.

[n-e] 2 I’ve visited Moscow, Saint Petersburg, the Golden Ring, and I also went to Sochi…
[n-f] 1

Jack: Your Russian must have improved greatly.

Mary: I hope so.

Они не виделись год. Но Джек говорит, что язык, наверное, улучшился. Видимо, и год назад он знал, что Анна изучает русский язык.

[n-g] 3



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