Ответ на задание по аудированию 8E5344 (ФИПИ)

Утверждения [n-fipi]

  1. This company ignores tourists’ safety.
  2. Before such tours you should learn how to move and breathe in rapid water.
  3. Rafting can be life-threatening.
  4. If you secure your life jacket properly, you’ll come home safely.
  5. Team spirit and optimism are important in such tours.
  6. This kind of tour is for strong and fit people.
  7. Professional staff make these difficult tours fun.

Данные о задании

[n-question task_id=1]

Ответ (кратко):

1 6 5 7 2 3

Ответ с пояснениями:

Говорящий Утверждение Объяснение
A 1
  1. This company has a strange view on safety!
  2. did nothing to prevent our boat from being turned upside down…
B 6 You need to be at a basic level of physical fitness.
C 5
  1. We’re all tired; we’re all sore and bruised, so what?
  2. …please, don’t be pessimistic, gloomy or unpleasant because it may annoy the people around
D 7
  1. …you won’t meet personnel as qualified as you meet here.
  2. I would not take these trips without a guide as I’d kill myself.
  3. allow you to have fun
E 2 A good rafting company typically provides a course on how to breathe strategically in rapids
F 3
  1. I almost got killed in a white water rafting trip.
  2. My life jacket did not protect me from going under the crashing pull of white water.
  3. …it is dangerous!


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