Ответ на задание по аудированию 6D7C19 (ФИПИ)

Утверждения [n-fipi]:

  1. A diary in your mobile may be a good idea.
  2. This way to remember things doesn’t go well with hygiene.
  3. One should keep used diaries and daily planners.
  4. This technique is not good for remembering things.
  5. Good memory may be a question of genetics.
  6. Writing things on pieces of paper is convenient.
  7. Keeping a diary can help not to forget things.

Данные о задании

[n-question task_id=1]

Ответ (кратко):

7 6 1 5 4 2

Ответ с пояснениями:

Говорящий Утверждение Объяснение
A 7 I’m a very forgetful person. That’s why I have a daily planner.
B 6
  1. I feel comfortable…
  2. …can easily find whatever I need.
  3. It’s pretty handy…
C 1
  1. …a thing that I will never ever forget to take with me as I leave home.
  2. This is my cell phone.
  3. I bought one with bill and daily planner, it works like magic.
D 5 This is probably do to my genes as my parents and my sister have an excellent memory as well.
E 4 …this method so to say isn’t perfect as it doesn’t help with people’s birthdays or other special dates.
F 2 …when you wash your hands, your inscription can vanish


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