Visibility of a web page

Top 3 links in search results get the majority of the search traffic.

CTR (click through ratio) top 1 gets up to 45 % of the traffic. Top 2 gets up to 25 %. Top 3 up to 20 %.

Anything outside top 5 gets about 5 % of the traffic. Anything outside top 10 will get very modest traffic. If a page is outside top 20, it will not get any significant traffic – users seldom visit the second page of search results.

Above organic search results usually there are some ads. But some people ignore ads and scroll to organic search results. Organic search results are usually more trustworthy and sometimes more relevant to a user’s intent.

Above organic search results there may appear something that a search engine considers important (video content, services provided by the search engine itself like calculatror or currency converter, goods from the shop of the search engines etc.).

Visibility area for a certain web master shrinks. By the way, there is a trend that aggregators are ranked pretty high. For example you sell shirts. But there are olso big online shops like Aliexpress or Ebay who just aggregate many merchangs. So, they are sometimes likely to be shown higher in search results than a local merchant.



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