Types of advertising campaigns

Google Ads provides the several types of campaigns.


Some of them:

  1. Search: Text ads next to search results.
  2. Display: Banners on the websites of Google’s partners. These are ordinary websites publishing banners and sharing income with Google. Or these may be applications (for mobile phones).
  3. Video. This is about ads on YouTube.
  4. Shopping. For retail.
  5. Smart. Don’t touch it. This is for laymen who do not want to work on their ads and want google to automatically do everything for them.

We will concentrate on search and display campaigns.

Search campaigns are very very effective but the price for click may be high as everybody compete for the unique resource (search results).

Display campaigns should be used carefully. Reason: long ago Google has switched off a possibility to exclude applications. The effectiveness of them may be not high. But display campaigns allow you to:

  1. Reach a much broader audience.
  2. Follow your audience (remarketing).

Remarketing mean chasing a person who visited your web site and show them some ad. This is done when they visit web sites that are partners of Google. Example: a person recently visited your landing page, did not buy anything, now you are chasing him and showing image ads for them to remember you, return to the same landing and finally buy from you. Or they bought  but you now want them to buy something else. In other words, ads banners will follow the visitors of your web site when they go to news sites, Youtube, when they read an article about their hobby etc.


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