Technical factors of search engine optimisation

  1. User-friendly URLs. Example: instead of
  2. Duplicate pages. Dubles can occur because o various factors.
    1. Protocol (http or https):
    2. Trailing slash (/):
    4. Mirrors of the web site (a clone of the web site but on another domain).
    5. Pages are disallowed in robots.txt.
    6. If a web page does not exist HTTP 404 code should be responded. Otherwise there may appear a lot of duplicates.
    7. Lack of a sitemap.
    8. Broken links
    9. Microdata
    10. Inner links
    11. Language: what if in HTML one language is declared, but the document is in another?
    12. Lack of “alt” attributes of images.
    13. Mobile friendly: if anything goes wrong with mobile users, it is very bad for search engine optimisation. Too small a font and controls etc.
    14. Structure: site should contain categories. But the structure should be simple: not overcomplicated.
    15. Uptime. If a website is not accessible, it can’t be ranked high. Monitor uptime.


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