Search Engine Optimization

Web masters want to attract internet traffic from search engines. That is why they try to follow the suggestions of search engines. Like Starter Guide by Google. Or sometimes they cheat, which may give a temporary effect.

What is vitally important to attract search traffic:

  1. Content relevant to queries.
  2. Links. Authoritative web sites should link to your site.
  3. Usability. The site must be user friendly. If you are an online shop, it must be convenient for a user to buy from you (good navigation, intuitive design of product pages and shopping cart etc.).
  4. Rumour mills. How often web site or brand is mentioned on the internet. Are mentioning positive or negative.
  5. Domain (whether it contains a query or not, the history behind it – whether the topic of the site changed or not, how long this domain is dedicated to this topic).
  6. Indexing. If a page is not in the index of a search engine, nothing will help. Remove any tecnical faults. Maybe indexing is forbidden in robots.txt. Maybe the site is often down.




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