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When we advertise, we want to analyze the effectiveness of ads: from where a visitor came, which campaign, group, ad resulted in a purchase.


Two variants:

  1. Enable auto-tagging.
  2. Manually tag.


Google strongly recommends auto-tagging. But that will not suit us. Reasons:

Google Ads transfers data automatically to Google Analytics. But Google Analytics is not the only analytics system.

For example, if you want to advertise somewhere else, that ad facility may use their own analytics system.

Remember! Auto tagging should always be switched on.

Auto-tagging is turned off by default.

Switch it on. Resaon: this means that gclid is added. Otherwise you will be deprived of gclid.


Google highly recommends auto-tagging. But sometimes we should use manual tagging as well.

For Googla Analytics Universal there existed the auto-tagging override option:



Reasons for manual tagging:

  1. Calltrackers. But usually they are able to cope with the problem by themselves.
  2. Online consultants may sell better if they see the keyword that attracted the visitor. So, at least this information is desirable.
  3. Other analytics systems also needs these.


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