Practice of advertising

  1. Optimize your landing pages similar to search engine optimization (keywords in title, description, headlines etc.). Remember that Google’s robot tries to analyze your page and make it understandable for it.
  2. Always use “Test URL” button when preparing an ad.
  3. In Google Analytics always check what pages an ad group sends traffic for. Mistakes in URLs may happen.
  4. Every day and later just regularly reveal new negative words as well as new keywords for search campaigns.
  5. Analyze your campaigns daily (how much you pay for a click, what positions are your ads shown at etc.).
  6. Adjust your campaigns sparingly. Do not adjust your settings too often – auto strategies need time (at least a week) to adjust their artificial intelligence.
  7. Make exclusions for your Display campaigns. This is very important. You can make exclusions by keywords, placements, topics, interests and remarketing.
  8. Improve only one thing at a time. If you make several adjustmens, how can you decide what really has given the result? Decide what you are going to work on: more traffic, reduction of the cost per lead etc.
  9. Remember that you can any time apply to Google for help: either via email, or via a form, or via a chat. Usually technical questions are solved via chat, but optimisation can not be discussed there. But you can ask for appointment, and a specialist in marketing from Google Support will call you and help you optimise your campaigns.


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