Landing Pages

A landing page is  a web page to which your potential client is redirected when they click your ad.

A good langing page should:

  1. Usually be dedicated to one product ony.
  2. Contain clear offer to buy something.
  3. Be relevant to the keyword, the ad and the visitor’s intent.
  4. Answer all potential questions of a customer (advantages of this very product or service, price, time, delivery etc.
  5. Be predictable and lead to the target action – to buy online or to contact you.
  6. Show that an online consultant is here to help.

It is much easier to lure a potential custome to your page than to persuade them to take the target action.

Bad landing page is a failure.

It is a task for a good specialist in marketing to prepare texts and functionality.

What is above the fold is the most important.

It will take 3 seconds for a visitor to decide whether to read the page or not. If the first screen shows that the landing page contains answers to frequently answered questions, it is beneficial. That is it can contain buttons like: price, time, delivery, warranty etc. Presence of such buttons definitely reduced bounce rate, which is beneficial by itself.


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