Keywords for search kampaigns

Keywords are collected and clustered similar to those for SEO.

But in case of paid traffic it is much more important to win the competition for a particular keyword.

Examples of keywords:

  1. buy computer
  2. buy lenovo laptop computer online +in

Let us suppose that the search query was

buy lenovo laptop computer online in paris

The search engine may consider the second keyword to be more relevant to the search query. Other things being equal, the second keyword is the winner at auction at least for search campaign.

Therefore we can select for search campaigns more sophisticated phrases.

For display campaigns the princples are similar to those for SEO.

Keyword matching options

  • Broad match.
  • “Phrase match”.
  • [Exact match].

Broad match gives the widest reach but needs careful selection of negative keywords.

You can experiment siwh exact match, but remember that such keywords will have lower CTR.

Negative keywords

  1. Used for search campaigns (not for display campaigns).
  2. Raise CTR.
  3. Lower CPA.
  4. Increase the conversion rate.

Attention to word forms: flowers and flower are not the same.

Keep in mind: negative keywords even broad match ones do not match to misspellings as well.

When selecting keywords it is beneficial to document the search query with a negative keyword. It is a tedious procedure, but what if your boss asks you why did you add this negative keyword? You will not be able to explain why until you show him an example keyword. It is not the main point about boss. The main point is that negative keywords reduce your reach, and it may cut off potential clients. You yourself should know perfectly why you added a certain keyword.

Types of negative keywords

  • Negative broad match.
  • “Negative phrase match”.
  • [Negative exact match].
Negative Keyword Search Query
-chip (broad match single word) blue chip

blue chips

blue movie chips

blue chips movie

-blue chips (broad match, multiple words) blue chip

blue chips

blue movie chips

movie blue chips

-”blue chips” blue chip

blue chips

blue movie chips

movie blue chips

-[blue chips] blue chip

blue chips

blue movie chips

movie blue chips

Combine positive keywords and negative keywords wisely.


"blue chips" -[blue chips]

This will exclude the exact phrase only, that is an ad would be shown for “blue chips buy”, “blue chips for sale” etc.

How to use negative keywords

  • Inline negative keywords (per each keyword): dark -chocolate
  • Campaign negative keywords.
  • Ad group–level negative keywords.
  • Libraries of negative keywords.

When an ad can show despite of negative keywords

  1. Direct mention of a word both in keyword and as a negative keyword:

    dark chocolate -chocolate

  2. When your negative keyword is used as the 17th word in the phrase or further.

Long-Tail Keywords

These are:

  1. At least three words in length.
  2. Of low search volume.

Advantages of using long-tail keywords:

  1. Less competition.
  2. The intent of a user is more obvious.

One peculiatiry: Google uses a filter “Law frequency” and ignores keywords with low frequency. Unfortunately. It is really a filter. It is not just warning. For Google it is much more profitable to ignore these keywords forcing you to use much more frequent, obvious and expensive keywords.


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