Inbound links

Links from other sites are beneficial. Link is a reference, which means that somebody considers your site authoritative.

Search engines tend to rank authoritative sites higher.

If a site is useful, people start reference to it.

The more links a site have, the more authoritative it is. The more authoritative sites link to a site, the better for the site.

Where can a (young) web site get links if the webmaster wants to get more links?

  1. Manyally insert links to your site to comments, forums etc.
  2. Pay other webmaster to publish a link on your web site (expensive and “a black hat SEO trick”).
  3. Build your own private blog network (“a black hat SEO trick”).

How a link looks like:

<a href=””>Example Anchor Text</a>

Natural links  usually:

  1. One third of them are anchorless.
  2. Half of them have rel=”nofollow”. Nofollow means a signal to search engines not to concider it as reference.
  3. About one third of links to a site reference to its home page.
  4. Links whose ancor contains exact key phrase are rather rare. Usually it is an arbitrary variation of key phrase.


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