Google Display Network targeting

  1. Interest targeting:
    1. Affinity Audiences (these people have some hobby you may want to target at).
    2. In-Market Audiences (they are are actively looking for something, for example, they have added something to a cart recently).
  2. Demographic Targeting (age, gender). Rarely used by itself. Demographics
  3. Keyword Targeting.
  4. Topic Targeting. Show our ads on web sites and pages that are dedicated to this topic (for example embroidery, gymnastics etc.).
  5. Placement targeting. We can choose a specific site, page in it and even exact ad slot.
  6. Remarketing (visitors of our web site).
  7. Flexible Targeting. This means that you are free to combine targeting methods rather than be restricted to one of them.

The kywords targeting differ from that for search campaigns.

  1. They may work absolutely the same way. In this case you mah catch {keyword} param coming to your server. This represent their recent query history.
  2. The content of the page they are on or have been on recently (recent browsing history).

For search campaign:

  1. Keywords is what you compete for. The more exact your keyword is to the search query, the better.
  2. Negative keywords reflect something that must not be included in the search query.

For display campaign:

  1. Keywords is mainly what is placed on a page.
  2. If a negative keyword appears on a page, your ad will not be shown.  So, do not cut your audience.


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