Focus on intent of user

A web page should be optimised for one intent of a user only.

Only one page on a site should be optimised for one intent.

Intent is what the user wants (to read, buy etc.).

If you try to optimize a web page for several intents, it does not make you any good.

Use logics plus analyse top ranked pages to understand what semantics clusters can be mixed on one page.


Remember that commerce and information are in parallel universes. Not always it is obvious.

For example: clover shampoo.

Does a user want to buy such shampoo or wants to know how to use it? If in doubt, check search results (do not forget of incognito mode).


Do your best to put keywords of a cluster in title, description, h, and paragraps of only one page.

Remove keywords from that cluster from all other pages if possible.

An exception from the rule: you may use keywords in the anchor text of links referencing your target audience.

If any page cannibalises traffic of another web page, eradicate the case of cannibalism.


How to detect cannibalism:

site: key phrase



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