Events and conversions

Wnen you create a web site to attract customers, you have to set your marketing goals.

Google Analytics offers predefined events:

An event is something that you want to track. But maybe it is not worth tracking. For example, you want to decide whether a button is clicked or not. Heat maps may help you do that without registering any events.

A conversion is an action that we want done. For example, we want more phone calls. If Google gets to know that, then we can ask Google to give us more visitors that will most likely do that.

Let us suppose on our company’s web site we have published a phone number, an email, a contact form, and an online consultant is working there.

Online events may be:

  1. Click on a phone number.
  2. Click on an email.
  3. Form submission.
  4. Starting to chat.
  5. Offline form submission via the online consultant.
  6. General lead (when any of the events 1-5 happen, notify Google About a general as well). This needs some programming.

Offline events may be:

  1. Phone call.
  2. Purchase.

You will have to decide what will be a conversion or conversions here.

A conversion means transformation. Namely a conversion of a site visitor into a potential client or a real client (if a web site accepts payments).

A click on a phone number not necessarily is a phone call. As well as click on email may not lead to sending a letter. A click on a phone number may be accidental because it is usually written on the first screen, and on a mobile phone it is very easy to touch it. So, maybe if you declare clicks on phone numbers as conversions, you will bring about some noise to the system?

As for phone calls, Google provides its cliens with a static calltracker for free:

Anyway, a phone call can be identified using a calltracker. Physically it is done by using forwarding numbers on your site instead of your real phone numbers.

Even without a calltracker phone call may be more or less exactly identified just by comparing your incoming phone calls with phone clicks on your web site. Without a calltracker you will have to upload an offline conversion.

Anyway, a phone call is a good candidate for a conversion.

A form is also a good candidate, but there are a lot of spammers. Will then not trouble the water?

Online chat – well, it may work. People go to work by metro, they can not make a phone call. But they can chat.

Anyway, later you will ask Google to give you more conversions. And you will be able to calculate exactly how much does a form submission cost, and how much a phone click costs. But does it make any difference to you how a client contacts you: via a form, chat, email or phone call? If you concentrate on form calls only, maybe you will not improve overal situations (remember about survival bias). But definitely it is worth calculating how much leads cost.

Maybe a purchase is the best candidate? It is really a good candidate. And it is not that difficult to notify Google about this event if you have a CRM system.

But do not forget to collect all of the abovementioned events. Especially do not forget about a general lead. It may one day help you. Maybe not even with Google – some ads platforms make you concentrate on one conversion only.


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