Effective structure and settings for Google Ads



Account settings:

  1. Tracking options. At least utm_source=google. Or maybe you should include all utm-params.


  1. Create both Search and Display campaigns.
  2. Remember that one should be very careful with Display campaigns (they may spend money in vain).
  3. Name of the campaign should follow your compay’s guidline.  Example: N_Search_French manicure. N here is the prefix designating you (the person responsible for this campaign).
  4. Create separate campaigns for separate regions due to different level of competition.
  5. Adjust bidding (genger, age, devices etc.).
  6. Try to use bidding strategies that maximize conversions (not clicks, not anything else).

Ad groups:

  1. For each group set a custom param utm_cluster when you use keywords. Don’t forget to include it into your tracking options (on account level).
  2. If you use keywords for display campaigns, remember that there are two different targeting options:
    1. People with any of these interests or purchase intentions.
    2. People who searched for any of these terms on Google.

    Experiment with them but remember that these are different audiences.

  3. Always add a separate remarketing group.
  4. Naming convention for ad groups may be similar to that of campaigns.

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